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ITOL: Issue Tracker Addin for Microsoft Outlook and Redmine

Version History

ITOL creates issues for Redmine from within Microsoft Outlook. It seamlessly integrates with the mail inspector and explorer windows. It allows to enter properties and add additional file attachments for new and already existing issues.

The selected mail can be attached to the issue in the formats: Outlook MSG, MTHML and RTF. For MHTML or RTF, the mail attachments are added to the issue as separate files.

When creating an issue, the mail subject is prefixed by the issue ID. Thus, when you answer the mail and in turn get a reply, the issue ID is recognized and the related issue can be read from Redmine.

ITOL is free of charge and can be used under the terms of the MIT license. The source code is available here.

ITOL Issue

Feedback and Support

If you encounter problems, have any questions, or want to suggest enhancements, please use the issue tracker at GitHub. You can also send a mail to wilutions@googlemail.com.


  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Outlook 2010 or 2016 is required. Outlook Express is not supported.
  • Redmine 2.6.x or Redmine 3.0.0. See below "Working with Redmine VM image...".
  • Uninstall previous ITOL version.
  • Download the ITOL setup appropriate to your Outlook version.
    Outlook Download
    Outlook 32bit ITOL 32bit
    Outlook 64bit ITOL 64bit
    Hint: It is irrelevant, whether Windows is 32bit or 64bit.
    On 64bit Windows, Outlook is a 32bit application if it appears as OUTLOOK.EXE*32 in Task Manager.
  • (A Java Runtime is not required since ITOL is a self-contained JavaFX application.)
  • Please read section 3. in the readme file before connecting the first time: "... This program creates a project with identifier "itol-configuration" ..."

Working with Redmine VM image from bitnami

  • A free and fully configured Redmine virtual machine image can be found here: bitnami Redmine Virtual Machines.
  • In order to run the image, install VMWare Player.
  • The URL to Redmine's website and REST API is displayed after startup: ITOL bitnamic VM
  • Logon to Redmine ( as "user", password "bitnami". Click "Administration (upper left corner) - Authentication", check "Enable REST web service". Click "Save".
  • Click "Projects" (upper left corner) and create a project.
  • Click "Administration - Users". To create a user, click "New user" in the upper right corner. Click "Create".
  • Select tab "Projects". Select a project in frame "New project". Check roles, e.g. "Developer". Click "Add".
  • Click "My account" (upper right corner). On the right hand side, click "Show" below "API access key". Copy the key into the clipboard.
  • Start Outlook. Click "File - Issue Tracker". Enter the "Redmine URL" and paste the "API key" from the clipboard. Click "Save". A message box says "Configuration saved ..."
  • Open a received mail. Click the toolbar button "New issue". The task pane needs some seconds to get visible when it is activated the first time after Outlook was started.
  • Change some issue properties and click "Create issue".
  • Hint: In order to shutdown the Redmine VM image, logon as "bitnami", password "bitnami". Enter "sudo shutdown -h now". Enter password "bitnami".

ITOL uses the following technologies

  • A task pane is integrated with the mail inspector window. It shows a JavaFX scene embedded in a native Windows window by means of JOA.
  • A page is added in the backstage view to edit the configuration properties. While this page is created with Outlook-owned controls, the UI events are handled in Java.
  • Issues are created via Redmine REST API. The calls are made by JavaScript code running in Java's Nashorn engine. Since the script code is loaded from an external file, you are able to customize the issue without re-compiling the addin.
  • When creating an issue, the issue ID is inserted into the mail subject and the mail is saved via Outlook API calls using JOA's Java-COM bridge.
  • Redmine's original issue description editor is shown in a JavaFX WebView control.