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DDAddin Drag and Drop to HTML5 Addin for Microsoft Outlook

This end-user component allows to drag and drop items from Microsoft Outlook into web pages and other applications. Click here to read more about it.

Download DDAddin
OutlDD Java Drag and Drop for Microsoft Outlook

This library enables Java applications to receive mails via drag & drop from Microsoft Outlook. Click here to read more about it.

Download OutlDD
ITOL Issue Tracker Addin for Microsoft Outlook

ITOL creates issues for Redmine on received mails from within Microsoft Outlook. ITOL is free of charge and can be used under the terms of the MIT license.

JOA Java Library for Microsoft Outlook Add-ins

This library enables you to create Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook in Java. It is based on the official APIs for writing COM Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook. Click here to read more about it.

JOA at GitHub
BYPS Binary Portable Fast Object Serialization

The purpose of this software is to build a fast communication layer between Java, C++ and .NET programs especially when transferring data over HTTP. When looking for a platform independent RPC protocol, you should prefer BYPS instead of SOAP for a several number of reasons.

BYPS at GitHub
JSFS JavaScript Access to Computer Resources

JSFS provides a secure solution to access computer resources by JavaScript on web pages of enterprise applications. It does not make use of a browser plugin technology (e.g. ActiveX or Java Applet), and it does not claim to reduce browser security settings.

JSFS at GitHub